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07-14-21 June 2022

A journey into the fish of the Adriatic

Choosing Cesenatico as a place for your holidays means visiting not only a seaside holiday destination, but a real seaside town, with traditions still alive and celebrated by its inhabitants.
We therefore propose a experience designed just to let you know the tradition that most of all represents us: the fishing for Adriatic fish.

The Adriatic has always been a generous sea and at Donegal we are committed to respecting it by bringing to our tables only the best of the Adriatic.Ecopescethe fish with reduced environmental impact that respect the seasons and fish stocks. 
We're proud of it and want you to get to know it even more!

L'itinerary takes place by bicycleA beautiful way to move and enjoy the fresh morning air of our Cesenatico.


Accompanied by the Dalia travel guidewe'll move bicycling to retrace the places of maritime traditions.
We start from the canal port where we will see the return of vessels to observe the catch of the day arriving fresh from the sea to the land. We will fill our eyes (and noses too) as we approach the essence of this tradition, so ancient yet so "ours".
After a stop in front of the House Museum of poet Marino Moretti continue towards the floating section of the Maritime Museumwhere you can admire the historical boats of the fishermen, with their characteristic coloured sails.
The next stop is the Piazzetta delle Conservewhere fish were once stored under layers of straw and sheets of ice.

The experience ends with a visit to the Ecopesce laboratory in Villamarina, which can always be reached by bicycle.
Here you will be able to observe the last stages of the supply chain, i.e. the cleaning, cutting and processing that bring the excellence of Ecopesce to our table. 

When and how:

The guided itinerary to discover the fish of the Adriatic will take place in the month of Junefor 3 Tuesdays7, 14 and 21.

How to participate:

The activity is reserved for our customers and is free: just stay at the hotel Donegal in one of the periods in which it takes place and sign up. 
The activity will be activated with a minimum of 5 participants.

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A journey into the fish of the Adriatic

07-14-21 June 2022

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