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Family Tree: a bit of us :)

We've been here for quite a few years now and, now, we want to share a few pieces of our history with you. Those brought us here.

Work at Donegal

Every year something new at the Donegal Hotel! For your family holiday at the seaside of Romagna for 52 years!

The Journey of the Fish

Chef Julius serves the Fish of the Sea. Every day, the taste of seasonal fish directly from the fishing vessels in the total respect of the environment. Because Hotel Donegal count is in the details! :-)

At The Fish Market

to see how to get Our Fish!

And when the fruits are ripe...

This year the harvest has been fantastic! Our young and brave from the fruit trees have made us taste the delicious cherries, apricots and plums! We had a great time! Thanks to you, friends of the Donegal and happy Holidays to all!

Our special Christmas wishes

Santa Claus is in Cesenatico by the sea

See you next Summer!

At the seaside or in the mountains?!?! ...we are ready for our vacation!

"Sweet" July to Donegal

Our children and their imagination, Summer afternoon definitely frolloso!

The holidays Melissa

Special moments with mom and dad! And...been to Donegal!

The collection of plums

June sunshine, it is time to collect the ripe fruits! And the grandmother Sonia? Prepare the jam!

50 years “Donegal”

Your family holiday in Cesenatico in the heart of Romagna. Sea, food, relaxation, swimming pool

Fun in the pool

Choose the water to your height, fresh and clear, it is a beauty! Games and jumping in joy, I am happy as well grandmother and aunt!!!

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