Excursions in the surroundings

Staying at the Donegal Hotel means fun, family atmosphere but also being within walking distance of many fantastic places to see.
It was difficult for us to choose, however we have made a selection of what Romagna has to offer within an hour's drive of our hotel.

The Parks Riviera

Romagna is also known as the Riviera of Parks: there are many and for all tastes! Southwards, 15 min. by carthere's theItaly in Miniaturewhere you can tour our beautiful country in just one day. Incredible, isn't it? If you are travelling with small children, you can take them to Fiabilandia, 30 min. by carand give them a fairy-tale day, including battles on Captain Hook's ship and Fu-Ming's Labyrinth.

20 min. by car to the north, there is MirabilandiaThe largest amusement park in Italy with adrenaline-filled attractions for adults and games more suitable for children, live shows and musicals, all in a single theme park.

Santarcangelo of Romagna

Santarcangelo rises on the top of Mount Giove, just above the homonymous caves. The hamlet is criss-crossed by narrow streets and stairways that climb to the top, overlooked by the Malatesta FortressHow nice to get lost among flowered balconies, alleys and magical tuffaceous caves!

If you can, take the tour of caveswhose origins are still the subject of mystery and debate: a real adventure for young and old explorers.

20 minutes by car.


Its splendid fortified village represents one of the best preserved medieval structures in Italy. Perched on a hill of the malatesta valleyOver the centuries, it has been the protagonist of great historical and cultural events. 

Among the most famous is undoubtedly the troubled and passionate love story between Paolo and Francesca narrated by Dante Alighieri at Divine Comedy27 minutes by car.


The city is known throughout the world for its mosaics and historical and artistic beauties declared Unesco World Heritage Site. Seven of its eight monuments, World Heritage Sites, jealously guard an incomparable treasure of precious tesserae capable of narrating, with their chromatic and iconographic combinations, the artistic splendour of a city which, between the fifth and sixth centuries A.D., was one of the main centres of the known world. Three times capital city (of the Roman Empire, of the Ostrogoths' kingdom, of the Byzantine exarchate), Ravenna hides behind the apparent sobriety of its buildings an immoderate wealth of details and stories to listen to. 25 minutes by car.


Typical example of  medieval village is considered the balcony of Romagna.

Rich in history and legend, it is famous for its wines, gastronomic traditions, the Fratta spa and its magnificent monuments.

35 minutes by car.

Saint Leo

Are you a lover of  fortresses and castles? Perched on a cliff overlooking the valley, there is one of those places, where you want to put on a suit of armor and march up and down the entire fortress. And what about the  Count of Cagliostroa mysterious alchemist with occult powers, who was held prisoner here at the end of the 18th century? San Leo is part of the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and Orange Flag of the Touring Club, from here you can appreciate the fascinating Marecchia Valley from above.

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