from boat to table

Every day in the Donegal kitchen, products from the Ecopsce arrive.
Chef Giulio and Doriana, combining the tradition of Romagna with professionalism and seafood expertise, transform this simple, natural fish, rich in nutritional values, into tasty and genuine dishes.

The treasure of our sea

We prefer local fish, also known as "forgotten fish" because it is often overshadowed by farmed fish.
The blue fish proposed by Ecopesce is a food suitable for adults and children, excellent for our palate and for the health of our body, thanks to the high nutritional value and the concentration of mineral salts, vitamins and omega3.

Sustainable choices,
for a better tomorrow

The catch is selected from those who practice artisanal fishing with a reduced environmental impact, respecting the rhythm of the seasons and fish stocks.

The Adriatic is a generous sea, and the Ecopesce chain is committed to safeguarding this precious resource and respecting it, accepting what the sea can give and minimizing any waste.

Quality and value

The fish on offer is an Italian product, zero km and processed the same day.

Preservation is guaranteed by careful manual processing combined with new technologies, keeping flavour and nutritional properties unaltered for an affordable, natural and safe 100% product.

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