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There was a time when, at Baldin's shop, the window to the courtyard was the refrigerator.

Butter, ricotta cheese, stracchino cheese, dried fish were kept in small wooden boxes and tin containers on the windowsill, right under Luisina's window. The lady upstairs, unaware (or well aware...who knows!) was in the habit of throwing everything out of that window! How many squabbles between Olga and Luisina could be heard in the streets of that ancient village!

Zvan was the candy vendor... and to the children he asked: "*¶¶ She knows you're alive ¶¶, the fascistìn (black gummy licorice) or the garibaldìn (white, red and green sugar)?"

Those were also the years of the "cartocci"; Rina's were unparalleled! He bought everything in bulkand she, with her thin hands, was able to create small bundles closed to perfection. Those made of yellow paper were for pasta, biscuits, sweets; those made of sugar paper (with its typical blue colour) for sugar, bicarbonate of soda, salt; while oiled paper was excellent for tuna, jam, coffee, cheese.

...and so it happened...

The years went by and "the buttega in Bali"was the staple where to do the shopping. There were those who paid immediately, those who postponed for a few weeks and those who made use of the exchange: the peasant women brought fresh eggs, chickens, vegetables and the fishermen's wives brought the catch of the day.

Then came the new regulations on product storage; you had to buy refrigerators but the shop was small and, in addition, the competition from new outlets in the Cesenatico countryside meant that there was little hope. But Olga was brave! All together, they had already managed to save some money, and she set about making her dream come true: cooking in his own hotel!

And so one fine day in response to her husband informing her of the sale of a villa in the Boschetto district:
**"Ohh Zvan, a la tulèm, c'sa dit?" **
"Mo se, cun chi du boc?!?!"
"I boc i è!"

She had managed to put aside the missing money for the purchase, without their knowledge! Her husband and sister-in-law were speechless.

From the Romagnolo dialect:
* "What do you want baby?"
** "Ohh Giovanni, shall we buy it? What do you say?"
"Ehh yes...with that two money?!?!"
"The money is there!"

The story continues

History Hotel Donegal Cesenatico
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