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Down with boredom!

Relaxation and food are the things you are “by and large”, we small, we have more important things!

We love the swimming pool: it is nice to dive from the castle with the slide and play with the inflatable. Then there is the fenced garden withswings, tower, the house and the table for a snack!

Lorenza keeps us company in the hotel every day, with its games and its stories. With her labs are really the top of creativity! Painting, colored sand, salt dough, ornaments! In the blink of an eye we become painters, and even chefs! That smell in the afternoons dedicated to the preparation of the biscuits , or the piadina romagnola! Alternatively, we can choose the beach! Every day, the entertainers always have something new to amuse us: mini-club, baby dance, puppets, and jugglers!

And if it's raining? Here is the games room in the hotel.
Also here there is everything to enjoy: a kitchenette with pots and pans such as that of the great, the snowmen, the plastic balls, the books of fairy tales and the colourful tables for the inevitable creative moments with Lorenza.

Play is a serious thing!

Starving children?

The Donegal know how to viziarci!
Excellent broths and past vegetable with fresh vegetables, the meat is strictly Italian and the good fish of our sea steamed, fresh fruit, pureed or grated.

Here, with great joy of my family, I became so greedy of fish, which, before the departure, we made a stop at "And nustrèn" the fish market in Cesenatico, where the hotel provides every day!

The restaurant I like, is to measure the baby! For us small, the dishes that we choose from the Menu Baby, are served to the 12 and the 19, half an hour before a large and, if I am so hungry, even before. After the morning on the beach, Good Meal in the fresh environment and the quiet is even more appreciated. The beautiful thing? For us children there are dishes, glasses, cutlery and placemats colorful!

Everyone at the table: eat it!

How to be at home!

My parents and I have been going there for years and we have always had a great time! Fantastic welcome, family atmosphere that makes you feel at home, and fabulous food. The perfect combination for me. Stra stra stra recommended!

Erica M
August 30th 2017

The quality of the offer has been improved

for the fourth year we returned to the Donegal hotel with their granddaughter. We have confirmed the good quality of the services and we have found with pleasure a further improvement of the quality of the offer on the table, especially in breakfast and buffet side dishes and, above all, for the excellent fresh fish every day ..

Elisa C
3 September 2017
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50 years and more of experience

since 1966
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