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Our history

There was a time when, to the workshop of Baldin, the window to the courtyard was the refrigerator.

Butter, ricotta cheese, stracchino cheese, and dried fish were kept in small wooden crates of wooden and tin containers to cool on the window-sill, just below the window of Luisina. The lady of the upstairs, unaware (or aware...who knows!) he had the habit of throwing everything out the window! How many squabbles between the Olga and the Luisina could be heard among the streets of that ancient village!

Zvan he was in charge of the sale of the candy , and the children asked: "*There sa vut babìn, the fascistìn (black licorice gummy) or the garibaldìn (white sugar, red, and green)?"

They were also the years of the “cones”; the matchless those of the Rina! They bought everything in bulk, weighed and wrapped, and she, with her thin hands, was able to create small backpacks closed to perfection. Those of yellow paper were for pasta, biscuits, candies; sugar paper (from the typical color blue) sugar, baking soda, and salt; while the wax paper was great for tuna, jam, coffee, and cheese.

There was a time

...and so it happened...

The years passed and “the butèga to Baldìn” was the still point where to do the shopping. There was who would pay the bill immediately, who referred to a few weeks, and those who made use of the exchange: the farmers brought fresh eggs, chickens, vegetables, and the wives of the fishermen the catch of the day.

Then came the new regulations on the storage of the products; we had to buy the refrigerators , but the shop was small and the competition of new points of sale which have arisen in the countryside of Cesenatico, were hope very little. But Olga was courageous! All together, some savings were already able to put it aside and, her, she, good lena to get to realize his dream: cooking in a hotel all his!

And so on a nice day in response to the husband, informing him of the sale of a villa in the district Boschetto:
**“Ohh Zvan, the tulèm, there sa dit?”
“ Mo, if, cun chi du boc?!?!”
“The boc is!”

She had managed to put aside the missing money for the purchase without their knowledge! The husband and the sister-in-law remained without words.

From the dialect of Romagna:
* "What do you want baby?"
** "Ohh John, you buy? What do you say?"
"Ehh...with those two money?!?!"
"The money is there!"

The story continues

How to be at home!

My parents and I have been going there for years and we have always had a great time! Fantastic welcome, family atmosphere that makes you feel at home, and fabulous food. The perfect combination for me. Stra stra stra recommended!

Erica M
August 30th 2017

The quality of the offer has been improved

for the fourth year we returned to the Donegal hotel with their granddaughter. We have confirmed the good quality of the services and we have found with pleasure a further improvement of the quality of the offer on the table, especially in breakfast and buffet side dishes and, above all, for the excellent fresh fish every day ..

Elisa C
3 September 2017
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50 years and more of experience

since 1966
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