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FAQ - useful Info for your holiday with us

How many things to think about before you leave and how many questions the last minute! We are always at your disposal for any curiosity, but here you can find a series of questions that are posed to us most frequently that perhaps they could help you solve one of your questions! :-)

Where can I park my car?

The viale Manzoni, right in front of the hotel, is the ideal place to park your car for free: cool, shaded and very quiet.
Alternatively we have a private parking space in covered garage (m. 2,20 x m. 4,70 with m height. 1,75) a 2-minute walk from the hotel is available at 15 € per day.

You are services for cyclists?

Yes, every year in May, the Donegal is sold out with participants in the event, Nine Hills; even fans who come on holiday in the Summer with the Family and the"beloved bike" found here the ideal place!
Services: breakfast also in the restaurant (on request) room/workshop for storage of bikes, air compressor and basic equipment.

You have a private beach?

Yes; in the quotes that we send in response to your requests we consider the umbrella with sunbeds included unless you make a specific request "without beach".
All the services of the bathing establishment that we have an agreement with and closer to us:
parasols, sun loungers, deck chairs or the director, AREA DOGS, nursery cabin, walk-in dressing room (on request, also private), hot and cold showers, toilets, rental mosconi rowing boats, pedal boats and canoes, luggage, games and mats, compressed air.
Free WIFI, bar, mini-dining, ENTERTAINMENT for teenagers and children, SWIMMING SCHOOL, gymnastics (also sweet), aqua gym, beach volley, ping-pong table, magazines, books, housing values, games for children, puppets, jugglers, the organization of bowls tournaments and card games.

How they are organized, lunch and dinner?

The menu has a choice and, for the better organization of the preparation of the fresh products that we use every day, the favorite dishes and must be booked the day before.
We have 3 first main , which vary each day (meat, fish and vegetarian) + 4 fixed options is always welcome to the children: meat sauce, tomato, white and butter; 3 seconds (meat, fish and vegetarian) and desserts : puddings, cakes and doughnuts. the tradition of the day, lemon sorbet made by us, fresh fruit and ice-cream every day. For lunch and dinner, the vegetables, raw and cooked, and the delicious snacks, are served buffet style.
As an alternative to meals in the hotel, we offer the “picnic basket” with salad, pasta or rice, fresh rolls to your taste, fresh fruit and slices of cake made in house.

Do you accept pets?

Yes, small size and free of charge. It is sufficient to communicate the presence of your Four-Legged Friend at the time of the reservation for the best accommodation.
Within 4 and 10 minutes walk from the Hotel you can choose the bathing establishment equipped:
The bathroom Accounts 39 (tel 0547 80449)
Bathroom 37 (tel 0547 673103), in viale Trento
Bathroom Ferrara 43 (tel 0547 1938030) in via Carso.
These are the closest.
In the hotel, the spaces available to them are: the veranda, the garden on the boulevard and the passing zones to get to the room. By hosting so many very small children, we recommend for the serenity of all, that in these spaces, to be kept on a short leash.
Near Donegal, the Park “the Great Torino” is a 2-minute walk like a lot and, even more, the “Levante Park” with the large area of the dogs!
Discover how beautiful it is to run free, in the company of many new friends, is really fantastic!

What is there to see near the hotel?

The nearest beach is 4 minutes walk and the Park of Levante is a 2-minute bicycle ride: a lot of green to be discovered on foot or by bicycle. Ducks, geese, chickens, bunnies, and, in the pond, a large carp and turtles.
For the entertainment of adults and children, not to be missed the famous amusement parks of the Riviera. Below are some of the comfortable directions of Google Maps to reach them:
Atlantica Water park 3.4 km in 7 minutes (by car).
The Natural reserve Saline di Cervia is 10 km in 13 minutes.
The house of the Butterflies 13.8 km in 17 minutes.
Mirabilandia 20.6 km in 23 minutes.
Zoo Safari Ravenna 21.2 km in 23 minutes.
Italy in Miniature 15.8 km in 16 minutes.
Fiabilandia 27.9 km in 30 minutes.
Overseas 36.2 km in 28 minutes.
Aquafan 36.3 km in 29 minutes.
The aquarium of Cattolica is 47.2 km in 40 minutes.
Skypark Adventure Park 60.9 km, 1 hour and 3 minutes.

What are the available rooms on the day of arrival?

The room is available from 12 noon on day of arrival and are vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure indicated in the reservation.
When you wish to arrive early and enjoy from the beginning the first day of your beach?
You can do it! To give you the welcome in the hotel, already from 7 in the morning, there is Sabrina!
His advice? Have ready the bag of the sea (the suitcases and other luggage you can leave them at the reception desk or in the car) so you can change in the two bathrooms adjacent to the pool.
After returning from the beach, your room clean and fresh, is ready to welcome you!

Do you offer an alternative menu?

Our daily proposals are very different; the rich also of preparations based on vegetables and legumes. You love to follow the diet vegetarian or vegan?
At the time of booking, tell your preference; every day we put our utmost efforts to meet all the needs.
In the case of a light sensitivity to gluten (not celiac disease ascertained for which we recommend a certified facility) brings your products (pasta, biscuits, cookies, etc). If necessary, it will be stored in the refrigerator in your container reserved.
Every day, together with my brothers in the dining room, you will choose the dishes adapted from the menu. .

And if I have to leave in advance? Meals not consumed will be refunded?

In case of early departure we request the payment of 3 nights. Meals that are not consumed (and not booked) are excluded from the account of the hotel.

What are the dimensions of the pool?

The pool of Donegal is deep from 80 centimeters to 1 meter and a half, of irregular form, 6 meters to 12. For children the game is assured, and you can arrange swimming lessons! It is open from 10 am to 12 and from 15.30 to 19 and there is always the rescue service.

In the event of the termination I lose the deposit?

The deposit you paid at the hotel to guarantee the reservation. In case of cancellation, we make immediately available to the room and, from the moment in which it is occupied, we consider valid the deposit for your next holiday. Is true for this year and next year!

There is a fridge in the room?

The in-room refrigerator is available at 3 euros per day. We offer the possibility of free use of one dedicated to the guests in the bar. You can easily access to special milk, special products, and any medications. For you our goalkeeper Bobo is always available!

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