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from 15.05.20 to 29.08.20

Offer a Friend of the heart

Everyone has a friend of the heart! We in Donegal have thought to turn it... in a value for money proposition for our guests!

Call your friend of the heart, and give him of Donegal: just a double advantage for you and for them!

For you, that you have already been our guest, now, the discount on your holiday in Cesenatico,

for him the opportunity to get to know you + the beach + drinks at the restaurant offered by us!

Porta Hotel Donegal your friends, relatives, aunts, uncles, and cousins... in any case, you save!

Just for you the DISCOUNT of 10% of the total of their reservation.

For example, if the holiday to your friends cost 800 €, for you, immediately, the discount of 80 € on your stay.

Hotel Donegal the holiday in the company that pays!

The offer is valid for those who have already stayed in our hotel and is not combinable with other promotions.

You are our guest for at least a year? Your friends tells the story of Donegal and take advantage of the discount on your stay.

from 15.05.20 to 29.08.20
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