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The kitchen of once

The grandmother Sonia follows more than 50 years, the kitchen of the Hotel Donegal and even now, always with an attentive look, she collaborates with theinnovative Chef Giulio. Every day to create tasty and wholesome meals with the high quality of the fish of the sea, the meat is strictly Italian provider of trust and the vegetables are fresh. The service at the table and the buffet of vegetables and appetizers is always filled with fragrance, color and taste!

Do not want to miss even a ray of the sun?
To you is dedicated to “basket picnic”! The tasty lunch with fresh bread rolls of your choice, salad, rice or pasta, fresh fruit and slices of home made cake!
And your day at the beach is “across the sun”, from sunrise to sunset!

The Romagna tradition at the table

"The kitchen is always thinking of someone, otherwise you're just preparing to eat."

From the boat to the table
The sea on the table


Good fish of our sea

Every day, in our kitchen, come the products of Eco Fish(lecopesce.en) The already high quality of the traditional dishes of her grandmother Sonia, you are now added to the professionalism and competence in maritime Chef Giulio and his partner Doriana.

For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy all the good of our sea, in respect of the environment and of the balance marine: fish, simple, natural, rich in nutritional values. Our little guests love the seafood dishes in Donegal and many of them, starting with their family, make a stop in "And nustrèn" the fish market in Cesenatico, where we serve!

Happiness is... the magical moment in our good morning!

Happiness is made of small things: feel the aroma of freshly ground espresso, the fragrance of the fresh bread just delivered from the oven artisan Adriatic and sliced bread toasted in an instant. For the sweet tooth, the scent of our croissants, sweet and savory will be an irresistible attraction: the plum cakes, the rich cakes, the cakes filled with fruit, cream and ricotta cheese, tarts with Nutella, jam and homemade biscuits; all hand made by always with such passion.

The breakfast is for us a magic moment, enriched by the quality products that we carefully choose. Every day we serve only fresh milk Italian Three Valleys and Lavazza coffee freshly ground, healthy, fresh fruit salad, freshly prepared and delicious hot chocolate, made by us!

Available tea and herbal teas in filter, fruit juices without added sugar, bottled mineral water, yoghurt, butter, jams of mixed qualities , and Italian honey, rusks and bread sticks, corn flakes and puffed rice and simple chocolate, ham and cheese.


How to be at home!

My parents and I have been going there for years and we have always had a great time! Fantastic welcome, family atmosphere that makes you feel at home, and fabulous food. The perfect combination for me. Stra stra stra recommended!

Erica M
August 30th 2017

The quality of the offer has been improved

for the fourth year we returned to the Donegal hotel with their granddaughter. We have confirmed the good quality of the services and we have found with pleasure a further improvement of the quality of the offer on the table, especially in breakfast and buffet side dishes and, above all, for the excellent fresh fish every day ..

Elisa C
3 September 2017
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50 years and more of experience

since 1966
50 years and more of experience

since 1966
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